Mother. Artist. Creative. Learner. Creating art has led me to a new home, to a new heart, to a new vision for my life. This is what you may call a remix of my life. Welcome!

Painting allows me to reflect on the relationships in our world such as Self:Self, Self:Faith, Self:Community, Self:Nature, Self:Institutions. Painting helps channel my life experiences onto a blank canvas.

Sketching colorful designs started me on the artistic path. And, over time, that process has evolved leading me from intermittent sketches to daily art practice. Painting and colors fill me with a sense of peace and purpose. It has been the perfect vehicle for helping me create what my inner vision observes. The unpredictability of the work allows my imagination the freedom to create without judgment, allowing me the opportunity to mentor the piece until it is completed.

Recently I discovered some drawings from my adolescence: simple, pen designs and sketches that resonate deeply with my abstract inclinations. Inspired by a renewed sense of fulfillment, amazed at the creation process, I am now exploring different mediums, color palettes, patterns, and textures. Once completed, the pieces form a series or they may lead me in a new direction.

Please feel free to contact me with any inquiries. All artwork is available for sale.

Thank you!